Why we are BrightBlu – The Electric Vehicle Charging Company

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Asia - the World’s Economic Engine

Between now and 2040, 60% of global GDP growth is predicted to come from Asia – where more than half of the world’s population resides. This economic growth from Asia is powered by its cities – no less than 80% of this predicted growth is generated here. Top that off with the fact that in the lower and middle income segments the demand for vehicle ownership will rise twice as fast as GDP will grow and it is easy to understand why there is no place on earth where the need and demand for sustainable mobility is greater than in Asia’s cities.

With the increase in vehicle ownership tailpipe emissions are set to increase creating dangerously high levels of air pollution and CO2 in the atmosphere. A fact that is demonstrated by the sad statistic that today 22 out of the 30 most polluted cities on earth are currently in India. Electric vehicles is the solution to the emissions problem while at the same time being able to fulfil the increased demand for mobility. And when electric vehicles are powered by renewable sources of energy, emissions in the entire energy value chain are reduced even further.

"Put simply – electric vehicles powered by renewable energy can help us shift from an economy that is built on digging up fossilized pieces of plants and burning them to an economy which is built on using the abundant resources that nature offers us such as the wind and the sun to generate electricity and to power our vehicles with it."

Electric Vehicles – Powered by Renewable Energy

It is exactly this dream and vision that makes us rise and put in all our efforts every single day. Everyone at BrightBlu works hard to realise a world where anyone can drive an electric vehicle powered by renewable sources of energy. It is what we breathe, eat, sleep and drink – in short, the sole reason of our existence.

A dream without a plan and execution however will remain exactly that – just a dream. Electric vehicles are not standalone products. They need an ecosystem to function in to allow everyone the great joy and pleasure that is electric driving. A charging ecosystem that enables people to recharge the empty batteries of their vehicles in an easy and seamless manner.

“Our mission is to enable anyone to drive an electric vehicle by providing the best smart charging solutions and the best charging experience possible. We are relentless and passionate in our pursuit to satisfy our customers and we work every day to make charging easy, accessible and affordable for everyone.”

The Best Possible Charging Experience – but how? 

Then how exactly are we going to make give our customers the best possible charging experience and how exactly are we going to make it affordable? Let’s start with the best possible experience part. We believe in doing things our self, with our own two hands. In other words, our charging solutions are all designed and developed in-house. From the ground up. In India. This allows us full control over the technology – for both the hardware as well as the software for the charging solutions. This enables us to give our customers the best possible charging experience and it allows us to quickly adapt to their ever-changing needs. It also makes us truly unique. Charging solutions made in India for the world.

How then do we make it affordable? Simple, we believe in the power of numbers or to be more precise the power of economies of scale. Part one of economies of scale is India. India today is the world’s fourth largest passenger vehicle market and soon this will be the third largest market. This offers tremendous economies of scale in India to begin with. And anyone who understands “Economics 101” understands that economies of scale are the key to achieve affordability of a product. Part two of economies of scale are the other fast growing emerging economies in Asia. Remember, Asia’s cities provide both in absolute numbers as well as in percentage growth the best opportunity in the world to achieve both scale and impact in the transition to electric mobility. Part three is that we bank on India’s world class yet affordable IT talent and the fact that labour rates in India currently are on par with those in China in 1991. All these factors will contribute to the affordability of the charging solutions that BrightBlu offers.

We truly believe that in terms of absolute numbers, percentage growth, impact and scale nothing beats India as a place to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility!

Why we are BrightBlu

The ultimate aim of our charging solutions is naturally to allow the electricity to pass safely and efficiently into your vehicle to power it up for the next trip. Electricity is simply the flow of electrons and highly charged electrons can appear particularly intense and vibrant blue. That is why we are BrightBlu.

We are BrightBlu. The Electric Vehicle Charging Company.
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